Building Closed Due To COVID-19

These are strange times! Due to the pandemic the church building is closed, and all programming is taking place remotely.

We're still holding classes and conducting worship services—we just have to do it all online. Here are some resources:

Why Did This Happen?

The pandemic is bringing up a lot of big questions, and big feelings too. This video addresses some of them.

Online Worship

Our Sunday worship services are livestreamed—as they always are, pandemic or no pandemic!

Discussion Class

We can't get together in person right now, but we can still meet online, to share and learn together.

You can find more videos—including quite a few that discuss the pandemic and how we can respond to it—on our YouTube and Pastors' Blog pages. You might also be interested in our article, "Why Do Bad Things Happen?"

Our prayers are with you as you find your way through this difficult time. If you need support, or if you or someone you love is sick or in trouble, please contact us.

May the Lord bless you and keep you.