Financial contributions to Generic New Church will be accepted with gratitude, and used to support the church's mission.

We do not suggest donations of any amount or percentage, but leave members and friends in freedom to give according to their hearts and abilities. 

Thank you for all you to do improve the vitality of the church!

Ways to give:


<PayPal or online giving instructions>


These can be mailed to:

Generic New Church

<your address>

Please make your checks payable to "Generic New Church."


We can provide you with a box of 52 envelopes, one for each week of the year, each with your unique number. This gives you the opportunity to contribute regularly. Your donations in cash or by check will receive a tax receipt after year-end.

Electronic Funds Transfer

With your authorization, we will make an automatic monthly deduction in the amount you choose from your bank account.

Alternative Gifts

Many types of alternative gifts are welcome, but each such alternative gift must be authorized by our treasurer before proceeding with your donation. Examples would be shares of stock, real estate, life insurance proceeds, making the church a beneficiary of will, etc. Contact us for details.